Nov. 20th, 2007

((I can has a new phone! :D

I'd been thinking about going to a contract phone for a while now, purely because I always seem to run out of credit at the least opportune moment and I'm using my phone more now, for various reasons, so I wandered into the phone shop with Rath this afternoon - and somehow came out with a new phone for free. *kablink!*

All I can say is, all hail having a big sis that's good at recommending that particular phone shop to people. And who doesn't mind having her fifty quid cashback thingy translating into 'free phone for 'Bootses'. I am clearly just the jammiest git in all creation. *loves on sis!*

And it plays music! *dances madly* Apparently it's got a camera as well, but I really don't give a wossname about that right at the minute because this feels a lot like something is being made up for all the palarver with my Soundwave. *hearts* And it's black! And shiny!

...Did I mention that I'm really not fussy, so long as a phone makes and takes calls and texts? ^^;;

The number's still the same, if anyone needs to get hold of me, so that's another bonus - no swapping my numbers over manually! Yes!

Oh, and one other little bitty thing...

((So I drew a pic of a fic from one of my favourite writers and posted it in a comment on her journal, as did a couple of better-artist-friends of hers.

...She posted mine up with her other prettypics in her journal. And she squeed. And I'm squeaking. *is fangirling just a little* And my paid account ran out just in time for me not to have a happyflail icon to hand, but believe me I'm flailing like a good'un. *_*))



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