Dec. 14th, 2007

((I have officially assumed the position of shameless attention whore by going up three times and doing kareoke at the local gay bar. *grins* We turned up early, due to a cumulative comedy of errors and my mishearing everything going, but that only really meant we got to pile into the bar after getting something to eat at CB2s, so that was fine. ^_^

We then discovered that they do very, very nice cocktails - and with hindsight I'm surprised that we didn't make more jokes about that - and had a couple between us seeing as how they came in jugs. And yes, there were already pre-written jokes about that on the cocktail menu. ;)

We got Mikki to do kareoke, which was awesome, and I did House of the Rising Sun, Black Velvet and La Isla Bonita - luckily for all concerned, we left before I could settle on doing Build me up Buttercup and make Rath and Seiber headdesk. *grins* Apparently I was pretty good, though I could hear my voice cracking in the higher bits of Black Velvet. >_>

So, so doing that again. ^____________^ Though preferably without the stoned girl coming over, glomming onto Mikki and rubbing his head on her boobs.))



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