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You are 11.59 a.m.

You are late-sleepy relaxation, the half-awake moment when you realize it's morning, but you don't have to get up, because there's no place you have to be. You are that cozy spot under the covers where everything feels temporarily perfect, even if you know you'll eventually have to wiggle out and start the day. Maybe you're the artistic type, who doesn't function well on a normal schedule. Sleep's important to you, and you like the freedom of sleeping as late as you want (especially since that is closely related to the freedom to stay up as late as you want). You like to roll out of bed, put on some comfy clothes, and get a laid back start to the day. If not everything on your list gets accomplished, no worries. Your only priority is having no priorities – you just want to take things at a slow, mellow pace.

((...Heh. That's true enough, and those are exactly the moments I try to describe when I try to explain why I like lie-ins - it's not the extra sleep, it's being able to lie in that state just between being asleep and having to open your eyes, when you can change your dreams and have them feel just as real or daydream without interruption, because the world doesn't know you're awake yet. It's like the best kind of secret indulgence.))

Date: 2008-02-07 03:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] raisedbymoogles.livejournal.com
...Eeee. ^_^ *curls up with*



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