((I can has a new phone! :D

I'd been thinking about going to a contract phone for a while now, purely because I always seem to run out of credit at the least opportune moment and I'm using my phone more now, for various reasons, so I wandered into the phone shop with Rath this afternoon - and somehow came out with a new phone for free. *kablink!*

All I can say is, all hail having a big sis that's good at recommending that particular phone shop to people. And who doesn't mind having her fifty quid cashback thingy translating into 'free phone for 'Bootses'. I am clearly just the jammiest git in all creation. *loves on sis!*

And it plays music! *dances madly* Apparently it's got a camera as well, but I really don't give a wossname about that right at the minute because this feels a lot like something is being made up for all the palarver with my Soundwave. *hearts* And it's black! And shiny!

...Did I mention that I'm really not fussy, so long as a phone makes and takes calls and texts? ^^;;

The number's still the same, if anyone needs to get hold of me, so that's another bonus - no swapping my numbers over manually! Yes!

Oh, and one other little bitty thing...

((BWAHAHAH! I've found the DVD I've been looking for for months! *cackles madly* Gotta catch 'em all, hah! >D


I might be overreacting just a LITTLE bit, but I find myself in a ridiculously good mood for some reason. ^_^ Half my stuff is packed up ready to move, the Council Tax thing is sorted - though I'm waiting for the others to pay me back, and no, Mikki, that's not an invitation to fret ;p - I can give the estate agents the info about my job on monday (though I want to prod the woman in HR that didn't reply to my boss yesterday, gah - and Dad's coming over tomorrow to give me a hand with the gardening. All in all, aside from having no internet at home and missing you guys, things are looking up. :)

Found you, my proud beatuty, hah! *over-reacting, definitely*
((This is wonderful! I'd not seen the video before, and they all look like they're having so much fun! *hearts madly*))
((Now, I haven't played a computer game for a good while. Mostly because it's Mikki's PS2 and I've never been allowed anywhere near any workings more complicated than the on-off switch on my brother's PS2 before now, and even that was tricky when he was throwing a hissy fit. (Ben, obviously, not Mikki.) So I've only played on Guitar Hero with Mikki and Rath a couple of times in the recent few, er, years or so, and once on a minigame of one of Mikki's other games whosenameIcan'trememberrightnowahem.

Until tonight, anyway. Mikki let me try out a couple of his games - The Warriors, which had me in fits because there were SO MANY BUTTONS DAMNIT that I couldn't keep track of what I was doing if you paid me, and the Ghost Rider game after that. I don't think Mikki's ever actually seen me play a game that didn't involve a chibi ninja or a plastic guitar before. ;)

Okay. Whilst The Warriors had me a little frustrated, because good god if I didn't keep getting lost and turned around and unable to read the damn map because of all the bloody sidestreets and I kept getting jumped by the other $%^&* gang and the steering was so hair-trigger I ended up running into un unbreakable bloody window, the Ghost Rider game I absolutely LOVE. Beating things up in a satisfying fashion! Readily-available special attacks that don't involve a fiddly combo sequenc to use! FLAMING BIKE! Kicking the shit out of so many demons my hands still ache and loving every minute of yelling at the screen and making Mikki glee!

...I had fun. ^_^))

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((Yaaay! Fuzzy! :D))

((So...you know the shiny, shiny Soundwave .mp3 player I was raving about a while back? Yeah, that one. Mine arrived in the post this morning, just when I was about to leave for work, so I came back tonight all excited and looking forward to play with my shiny.

No such luck.

Batteries are in, .mp3s on the minidisk, headphones in, and - nothing happens. I get a blue light coming up on one side of his chest when I hold down the play/pause button, but other than that - nothing.

Someone help out a very perplexed 'creature and give me a hint of what I'm doing wrong? Please? God knows I'm not one of the world's greatest with technology, but you'd think I'd be able to manage this.))
((*snuffles* ...Yep. Definitely come down with something. *kaflop*))
((YES YES YES YES! It's taken me forbloodyever, but my shiny, shiny mood theme's finally working! *dances for joy*

...And I think I'm coming down with something. *flops* Argh...))
...Uh, Seiber? Did your internet asplode again? 'Cause I can see you, but you don't seem to be getting my replies...
((I have to find this episode in English, come hell or high water! *flails madly*

...Also, for the curious, my James mood theme is coming along in- er, well, jerks and starts, but it's moving again! Rar!))

((EDIT: This fits Team Rocket perfectly in so many directions, and the clips make me flail... And this one, if you can overlook the song (which actually fits James all too well for his paycheque to support...) has some fantastic clips of the two of them in disguise - not to mention loads of James moments. ^_^! Plus there's one very, very quick exchange in this one, about two minutes in, that I desperately need to find in episode form - Jesse and James getting their outfits confused. This time James was actually meant to be the guy this time, guys!))
((I've just made my first 999 call. O_O

I thought I smelt something burning when I walked home from work, but when you round the corner by a kids' play park you don't expect to see distant flames. Quite a lot of them, in fact, so off I went to investigate.

I was expecting it to be a bonfire in someone's front garden, or at worst someone had set fire to the bin in the far end of the field/playpark, but I certainly wasn't expecting a flaming moped parked calmly at the end of the field and blazing away like it was waiting for Johnny Jr to show up.

I goggled, I blinkablinked, then I called the fire brigade. I think someone had beat me to it, since they turned up not five minutes later, but still. Not what you expect to see at half ten at night around here!

Also, gunning through all the pieces of work we've been told to no-action as we're deleting the entire 35,000 piece backlog at a million miles an hour is a distinctly unnerving feeling. I find myself in need of quoting [livejournal.com profile] vampiredreams.


...And it's making my eyes hurt.))
((I desperately wish I had headphones with me. This looks fantastic - it's got a tonne of Team Rocket's different disguises and schemes to grab Pikachu and the three of them generally being Awesome, and I can't hear what's going on! *flails*

It doesn't help that I've had both their more memorable songs stuck in my head for upwards of five days now...

...I think I might be stuck with them. ^_^ ))

((EDIT: ...Double trouble. Er. I might've kinda-sorta drawn Jesse and James as Pokemon, though I'm far more happy with Jesse - James is meant to look more like a cat in my head, not a kangaroo. XP

And if I can ever work out how to draw anime lower-bodies properly, I need more reference episodes! :D I might finish this pic. Rath chose the hat. ;) ))
((Strange things you find on the internet - Koi, this isn't one of your pics, is it? *mildly worried*

And for another, I've just had an email from someone in China asking if I minded them translating some fics of mine into Chinese. I'm - not sure what to make of this! O_o *has clearly been working with scamming kids too long already*))
((DO WANT. *cheers*

Even though I know full well I wouldn't be able to do that on medium, even, if I tried. ^_^;

This, on the other hand, just about makes my eyes pop out.

...Speaking of which, watching both of those one after the other is making it look like my computer screen is melting, excuse me... @_@))

((EDIT: Well, they look like they're having fun. :D RL version of Wayward Son; though the band makes me think of muskateers, BtVS' Tara with a beard and when my mum used to plait my hair so it would fluff out almost as much as that guy's. *sheepish grin*))
((Froofy shirt! Black froofy shirt! Black shirt so froofy I can only see my fingertips! Yay! :D

And it got here only about a day after I won it on eBay. I like that shop...))

((EDIT: ...DUDE. You can buy AN ENTIRE SUIT OF ARMOUR on eBay for two quid! *flails and drools* Granted the p'n'p is £65 'cause it's coming from Germany, but COME ON.

*hearts eBay so, so much* <3))
((I loathe my innards. Just for the record. If it's not my hormones making me snappish and tearful, it's my digestive tract making me reach for the scalpel. Unicron, you're late.))
((My fingers are just thawing, my nose is - well, just about warm, but it was worth it. ^_^ Mmm, chicken in pitta.

And they have Double Deckers* in the vending machine! :D ...Which are jammed in and unavailable. Bah. Oh well, chocolate is chocolate. *nom-noms on a Boost instead*

*...Yes, I mean a chocolate bar and not a bus, before anyone comments. ;P))
((...Blargh. I swear, I will never get the hang of making hot chocolate from powder. XP))
((You know Camden Market, yes? The weird, twisting streets under the railway where you can find the strangest oddities in dark corners and under neon lights, the smoke-blackened bricks and the creeping, lingering sense of the Victorean underbelly?

They're bulldozing half of it to stick in a shopping mall.

The petition's been around for a while. It ends on the ninth of September. In the name of anything even slightly metahuman possessing a scrap of decency, or at least a vague impression of it, put your name down and tell No. 10 how stupid this is!))
((Om nom nom.

Thai food! It's what's for dinner! :D))

((EDIT: Okay, I maintain that the new Movie's designs are ugly as all get-out, with the exception of Jazz's bunny ears, BUT.

FEEEEET! *flails*))



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