((So...you know the shiny, shiny Soundwave .mp3 player I was raving about a while back? Yeah, that one. Mine arrived in the post this morning, just when I was about to leave for work, so I came back tonight all excited and looking forward to play with my shiny.

No such luck.

Batteries are in, .mp3s on the minidisk, headphones in, and - nothing happens. I get a blue light coming up on one side of his chest when I hold down the play/pause button, but other than that - nothing.

Someone help out a very perplexed 'creature and give me a hint of what I'm doing wrong? Please? God knows I'm not one of the world's greatest with technology, but you'd think I'd be able to manage this.))
((I loathe my innards. Just for the record. If it's not my hormones making me snappish and tearful, it's my digestive tract making me reach for the scalpel. Unicron, you're late.))
((Another day of invigilating over, and here's me trotting into town to go get some of my wild mane lopped off. I'd just like to put it on record that I want the human body to come with a body clock reset switch, so that when I - reasonably enough - reckon that forcing yourself to be tired before midnight (by staying up late the night before) in order to get up for half past seven will actually work, logic prevails over reality. Humph.

Due to spending all my free time yesterday IMing TF/Marvelverse porn with Rath, I've had her headcast wandering through my brain. I was just wondering about various bits of Virgin's history when I came upon a white feather beside the path and, being the superstitions thing that I am, grinned and took this to be a hello from a certain wide-eyed wibbly thing, given that I'd just been thinking about it. I pick it up, admire it as I walk, and no more than three steps further on come across a dead white pidgeon.


I let the feather go. It didn't exactly feel right to keep it.))
((I'd been pondering the idea of making my LJ friends-only for a while now, but this bunch of ridiculous Warriors For Innocence twinks has really just made it seem a better idea all round. Plus, this way I can make a shiny banner to put on my profile to proclaim as much.

Gee, WFI, see how effective your tactics are?))



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