((BWEE. Oh hell's bells, this is fun. The Lobo ParaMilitary Christmas Special - I've only seen snippets of Lobo before, once in an old, old comic with him attacking Big Barda's ship for reasons I didn't have the context to know and just now in a Justice League cartoon. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him, though I did have only a couple of pages of this old comic to go on, and I've never really been sure why aside from the fact that the guy is Badass with a capital B.

The live-action version just makes for more squee. ^_^))
((...I was going to make a dazzlingly witty, interesting and insightful LJ post, but I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. *blinks* Probably because it's five in the morning and I'm absolutely starving.


Oh! Oh! I remember what it was! Not especially witty or dazzling after all, but it was bugging me.

I saw an advert on my hotmail page earlier and couldn't work out WHAT was going on. It looked like a CGI football match, but the players looked - weird. Kind of like my sketch of Ziggy Stardust-inspired Artemis... (...Don't ask.)

Then later on there was a smaller version pop up on the page, and I worked out what that particular weirdness reminded me of.

Is it just me, or does that look kind of like he's been transplanted onto new!TF movie Jazz's legs?

(The kicker is, they're advertising trainers. Hee!) ))

((So last night I dreamed that I was running around and hiding out in this Disneyland-esque something-or-other with the Rescue Rangers.

...Why, you tell me.

We were plotting against this maniacal overlord cat, who I think either was or was an alternate of Krosp from Girl Genius; at one point he apparently killed me, only he didn't - in true Disney-style - and I had to flop down apparently-dead every time he came past to gloat at us.

That was kind of fun, but the weirdest part of the whole thing when the Krosp-alt's treacherous advisor showed his hand and moved the walls - by the simple expedient of getting me to help him pick them up and cary them, since they were only slotted into the floor - to let Armada Megatron into the city to take over as Evil Overlord, being cheered by the locals all the way.

...My brain is weird.))

((I have to find this episode in English, come hell or high water! *flails madly*

...Also, for the curious, my James mood theme is coming along in- er, well, jerks and starts, but it's moving again! Rar!))

((EDIT: This fits Team Rocket perfectly in so many directions, and the clips make me flail... And this one, if you can overlook the song (which actually fits James all too well for his paycheque to support...) has some fantastic clips of the two of them in disguise - not to mention loads of James moments. ^_^! Plus there's one very, very quick exchange in this one, about two minutes in, that I desperately need to find in episode form - Jesse and James getting their outfits confused. This time James was actually meant to be the guy this time, guys!))
((I desperately wish I had headphones with me. This looks fantastic - it's got a tonne of Team Rocket's different disguises and schemes to grab Pikachu and the three of them generally being Awesome, and I can't hear what's going on! *flails*

It doesn't help that I've had both their more memorable songs stuck in my head for upwards of five days now...

...I think I might be stuck with them. ^_^ ))

((EDIT: ...Double trouble. Er. I might've kinda-sorta drawn Jesse and James as Pokemon, though I'm far more happy with Jesse - James is meant to look more like a cat in my head, not a kangaroo. XP

And if I can ever work out how to draw anime lower-bodies properly, I need more reference episodes! :D I might finish this pic. Rath chose the hat. ;) ))



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