((This is going to be interesting - I've managed to slice my forefinger with the scissors when I was trimming my fringe, so I'm hopping about over the keyboard like a three-legged frog. Hrmm.

Suitcase is packed, adrenaline levels are at an all-time high, suitcase and hand luggage is packed. I'm waiting for Rath to be done in the bathroom, sitting on the bed in my pyjamas with my laptop, and valiantly resisting the numerous packets of cake-based junk food scattered around with the willpower of someone who's just stepped on the scales, more fool I. I didn't quite manage to do everything I needed to today - Tesco's summer range, at least in terms of the swimming stuff, seems bound and determined to deny any knowledge of the bikini top I bought there a month ago, despite still having everything else that was in stock back then. Seeing as how the lower halves of bikinis that might've matched seemed built for women with their hips under their ears, I now have a bikini consisting of a pretty white top - and a pair of swimming trunks from the on-sale men's section. They're really comfy, aside from the great hunk of netting inside the trunks themselves designed to hold in various bits of anatomy I don't actually have.

I might need to get creative with the scissors later - carefully avoiding my fingers - and snip the elastic out.


*giggles* ^_^))



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