Nov. 27th, 2007 06:26 pm
((Okay, now it's official. No ifs, ands or buts, aside from maybe the headcast's - WE HAS A HOUSE! :D

And it's a HELL of a house, let me tell you. I hadn't realised how absolutely frigid the Colony was before we moved here; I was actually comfortable sitting in the living room - huge! Comfy! Soon to be having a sofa in it! - at gone midnight and wasn't that much more than 'a bit chilly.' ;)

And! And! We have a working shower, a huge bath, a bathroom that looks like something from Arabian Nights, a kitchen I can actually cook in, winding stairs with a big old wooden door separating the upstairs from the downstairs which is just awesome on principle as well as keeping the noise down and the warm in, an oven which I swear is like something out of Girl Genius...

...Oh yeah. I'm happy. ^_^ I'm far more relaxed than I've been for a good six months, though I've yet to stop jumping like a kicked cat every now and again - I feel like I've just been rescued from an animal sanctuary. *sighs*

And there are flowers everywhere! There's a rose bush curling around the shed in the back garden, and the garden has a pond for pretending we have waterlilies - I don't know if there are any or not, but unfortunately I'm an optimist ;) - and there are ivy-tiles around the oven and ivy painted on the basin in the bathroom. :D ...And did I mention the stained glass window in the bathroom? *flails!* This is so many shades of awesome!

We don't have the internet hooked up yet, but fingers crossed that getting the phone line won't take too long. I can't remember how long it took getting the Colony connected the first time around... :/ Regardless, I can get to my email once a day at work, and everyone who needs it has my number, yes? *cuddles all* Basically, me and Koi and Mikki are home and safe and thoroughly squeeful. We managed to cook dinner in a clean kitchen for the first time in months! I squee!

You lot take care of yourselves, okay? *dances happily, cuddles all and goes to collapse from lugging boxes*))
((After waking up at twenty to four this morning with godawful stomach cramps and the certainty I was going to spend the night throwing up, I actually had a really good day at work. Well, aside from getting rained on during the walk in. ^_^; I more than doubled my speed in a single day, got 10/10 and 9/10 on the two sections of the job we'd just been taught this past week and a half, and managed not to throw up. ;) Aside from getting absolutely drenched walking back home, and really not minding that thanks to a leather jacket and a wide-brimmed hat, good day!

I even got a cheap laugh on the way home:

Small gaggle of little kids, only one and a half of whom were covered by the umbrella: *stares at the apparition in the purple coat and floppy hat*

Me: *...shrug* *smile nicely as they pass, since they look rather sad and soggy*

Small boy: *as we're passing each other, shouts "COWGIRL!"*

Me: *...blinkblink* *considers this* ^_^!

*two seconds later, it ABSOLUTELY BUCKETS IT DOWN*

Me: *nice and dry in my coat and hat, thinks contentedly of soaking wet screeching kids and grins* Better a cowgirl than soaking wet. ^_^

I'm going to have a nice, hot shower in a minute, I have chocolate cake and the electric bill sorted, and all is right with the world. ^^ Well, aside from the fact that it's continually pissing it down in August. >_>))



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