I'm not entirely sure on the exact canon ordering of events in the game, but then I came up with this on IM in response to Pepper telling me about someone else's dream, so go figure. Set somewhere just before the events in the Crater, when Sephiroth was still crazy and Cloud was still almost-sane. Assumed C/S/Z pre-game.

It's the humming that first catches Cloud's attention, though whether it's real or still all in his head he never finds out. )
((I was trying to draw HW&HD Fluffmoon, I really was. I even looked up uniforms and everything.

Yet, somehow, I ended up with a tiny drawing of ickle baby Artemis instead, and the idea for Fluffmoon has vanished as though it had never been.

Because little!Artemis is Just That Cute.))

No, really, this is more than enough to wring my heartstrings. ;_; AU puppetfluff, good grief. There was a beautiful bit of fanart for this too, but I can't seem to lay hands on it...))
((That guy on the computer next to me hadn't better come back until and unless he's answered his bloody mobile. Seriously, if the phone keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing, either answer it or turn the phone off! *twitches*

In happier news, I've got dad a Father's Day present - and a sheet full of various Marvelverse pics to scan in on friday. I do believe I'm going to get squeed at by a Rath for at least one of them. ;)

Also also, a Virginficsnippet - that I really need to decide how to finish. It's either leave it as it is and leave a lot of loose ends hanging, which would be bad; jump to where I want to in the story, explain said loose ends and finish it off, which is what it's starting to look like I'll do; or write the entire series of events out which I'm rapidly lacking enthusiasm for and can't quite picture well enough to write anyway. Gragh. XP

Still. I have barley sugars and... *checks* twenty minutes of time left on the library internet, so it could be worse. ^_^ *...looks outside to see if it's raining yet*

...I don't believe it. It's just started to rain. *headdesk* Me and my big mouth!))

((EDIT: ...I need a Virgin icon or something. Come to think of it, I need a lot more emotion-indicator-type icons. And a Virgin one. And an Artemis one. And - I should just make a set of mood icons with all my fanchars, shouldn't I?))



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