Okay guys, I'm jumping ship. Come find me on IJ if you want to chase me! ;)
$5375.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

((Woohoo, I'm rich! ;) ))
((I am of the unshakeable opinion that there is very, very little that a hot bath cannot solve. Ohhhh that was worth the wait. *slides under the water happily*

And now that I'm thoroughly scrubbed and dripping all over the floor, time to hunt down some dinner. And preferably some good conversation as well. Someone help me prove that my mind hasn't dissolved, dammit! *pads off in search of food and Triad*))
((BWEE. Oh hell's bells, this is fun. The Lobo ParaMilitary Christmas Special - I've only seen snippets of Lobo before, once in an old, old comic with him attacking Big Barda's ship for reasons I didn't have the context to know and just now in a Justice League cartoon. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him, though I did have only a couple of pages of this old comic to go on, and I've never really been sure why aside from the fact that the guy is Badass with a capital B.

The live-action version just makes for more squee. ^_^))
I'm not entirely sure on the exact canon ordering of events in the game, but then I came up with this on IM in response to Pepper telling me about someone else's dream, so go figure. Set somewhere just before the events in the Crater, when Sephiroth was still crazy and Cloud was still almost-sane. Assumed C/S/Z pre-game.

It's the humming that first catches Cloud's attention, though whether it's real or still all in his head he never finds out. )

You are 11.59 a.m.

You are late-sleepy relaxation, the half-awake moment when you realize it's morning, but you don't have to get up, because there's no place you have to be. You are that cozy spot under the covers where everything feels temporarily perfect, even if you know you'll eventually have to wiggle out and start the day. Maybe you're the artistic type, who doesn't function well on a normal schedule. Sleep's important to you, and you like the freedom of sleeping as late as you want (especially since that is closely related to the freedom to stay up as late as you want). You like to roll out of bed, put on some comfy clothes, and get a laid back start to the day. If not everything on your list gets accomplished, no worries. Your only priority is having no priorities – you just want to take things at a slow, mellow pace.

((...Heh. That's true enough, and those are exactly the moments I try to describe when I try to explain why I like lie-ins - it's not the extra sleep, it's being able to lie in that state just between being asleep and having to open your eyes, when you can change your dreams and have them feel just as real or daydream without interruption, because the world doesn't know you're awake yet. It's like the best kind of secret indulgence.))
((...I was going to make a dazzlingly witty, interesting and insightful LJ post, but I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. *blinks* Probably because it's five in the morning and I'm absolutely starving.


Oh! Oh! I remember what it was! Not especially witty or dazzling after all, but it was bugging me.

I saw an advert on my hotmail page earlier and couldn't work out WHAT was going on. It looked like a CGI football match, but the players looked - weird. Kind of like my sketch of Ziggy Stardust-inspired Artemis... (...Don't ask.)

Then later on there was a smaller version pop up on the page, and I worked out what that particular weirdness reminded me of.

Is it just me, or does that look kind of like he's been transplanted onto new!TF movie Jazz's legs?

(The kicker is, they're advertising trainers. Hee!) ))
((For Coyo, who writes the best FF7 AUs, snippets, tentacle crack and badassery I've found. (This kind of can be set in her Perfect-Ending-arc, of just taken as a foursome on holiday if you really want to stretch it.)


Zack tilted his head back, squinting up into the sun as a stray salt breeze stirred his hair, the soft snap of rope and sail filling his ears. The tips of his fingers absently caressed the neck of the bottle he held, calloused skin tightening on rough glass as he lifted it to his lips and drank without taking his eyes from the sky.

"An' a-rovin', a-rovin', a-rovin' I'll go," he murmured, the words humming lightly on the wind and ruffling the tips of the waves; "A-rovin', a-rovin', a-rovin' I'll go, for a pair of brown eyes..."

The eyes he was searching for were blue and green and green, not brown, but they lit up like stars when he hove into sight regardless. Cloud sat on the end of the pier, one foot swinging as he mended the nets with sure, practised hands; when Zack's sail appeared on the horizon he stared, blinked once, then turned his head to shout something inaudible to the figure behind him. Zack thought he'd never get used to the sight of Seph in an oversized straw hat, Aeris tying his his long silver hair up in a wind-tossed braid, but it had been a week out over the deepest seas off the coast and his heart leapt high as the spray as they came to the pier's end to meet him.

The great deep-fish in the hold would keep a little longer - as he leapt from the rail of his boat, the three of them tying off the ropes as quick and safe as sure hands could make them, all he could taste was the salt on their skin and the scent of the Gongaga breezes in their hair.))

((So last night I dreamed that I was running around and hiding out in this Disneyland-esque something-or-other with the Rescue Rangers.

...Why, you tell me.

We were plotting against this maniacal overlord cat, who I think either was or was an alternate of Krosp from Girl Genius; at one point he apparently killed me, only he didn't - in true Disney-style - and I had to flop down apparently-dead every time he came past to gloat at us.

That was kind of fun, but the weirdest part of the whole thing when the Krosp-alt's treacherous advisor showed his hand and moved the walls - by the simple expedient of getting me to help him pick them up and cary them, since they were only slotted into the floor - to let Armada Megatron into the city to take over as Evil Overlord, being cheered by the locals all the way.

...My brain is weird.))

((My Mum works in the office of the school my brother and I used to go to. She's been there - oh, at least three years now, and compared to the last school she worked in she's both happier, better off and better paid, though not by much comparatively speaking. They don't give classroom assistants and office staff a lot of money.

However. Despite this, despite the fact that she was a stay-at-home mum for almost all my school life and had to get back into the (just then very intimidating) job market right after my Dad left, despite the fact that the jobs she'd had before these last two were babyitting a dear little girl, working in Tesco's when I was a baby and being a cleaning lady (which I thought was really cool, since the houses she worked at were usually really pretty), and despite worrying about having enough money to look after me and my brother...

...She's almost, almost paid off the entirety of the morgage on her house. In less than half the time her and Dad had worked out it would take.

And I'm so proud of her I could burst.

Love you, Mum.))
((All I seem to be doing recently is posting memes.

...At least you know I'm not dead, right? ;) Yoinked from Pepper this time...


So my life's soundtrack is half hopeful and perky - and half moping angst. Well, at least it's accurate, I suppose. ;P))
((Spider-man needs one of these. Because I am crossing the streams like mad and because I say so.

And it'd be so cute with it sitting on his shoulder and swinging along after him and making snarky comments in Pokespeak! Eee!
((I spent this afternoon wandering through Cambridge market, my arms full of flowers, my head full of music and the cold wind blowing my hair and coat out into the horizon.))



Jan. 7th, 2008 04:25 pm
((Pepper Pepper Pepper I just got your parcel today and OMG THANK YOU! *squeaks and flails over and waves paws in excitement* Huge Box was waiting for me when I got home from London and and and the arm warmers are adorable and the chocolates are nummy and OMG AMERICAN FOOD! *squee!* I will write you as much fluff and porn and silliness as you can stand for this, moogledear. I've never seen so much maple syrup in my LIFE. ...Ooh ooh ooh, waffle mix! *is all overcome with shiny* Thank yoooouuu! :D :D :D :D :D
So, everyone seems to be doing the summary-of-the-year thing, obviously enough. We've just sat in the living room, had dinner and traded anecdotes about various nefarious things that we've done or had done to us at school, so it seems like a good enough time to get contemplative.

At the beginning of 2007, I was stuck in a miserable household where we had an extra body lolling around on the sofa, another housemate hiding in the back bedroom and the other two shrieking at the top of their lungs upstairs for eighteen hours a day. I was writing a thousand words a week for my dissertation, steadily working through my word count, and reading up on coffee, women in breeches and why men went to meeting houses to pretend to have babies with my laptop locked to my bedpost so no-one threw it in the river.

A few months later, I finished my dissertation in a state of nervous god-knows-what and stayed in bed for a week to get over the resulting practically-flu. The university had screwed up the dates, my housemates were screwing around with the bills and I was beginning to get the feeling I was going to get screwed over by everyone except the too-distant girlfriend I was pining for. It was a kind of tense equilibrium that lasted for about four months afterwards, until I came back from America with yet another bout of disgusting flu, more aches and pains, bags under my eyes and the realisation that no-one had bothered to deal with the council tax like they were supposed to when I was away.

And then the housing situation exploded, shortly after I got the first real full-time job of my very short career and discovered that the nine-to-six thing was far worse than I ever imagined a nine-to-five ever being. (I'm still maintaining that I've not been so ill on and off in a five-month period as I have when I started working there.) The money situation got better, the housing situation got worse, and we've only just cottoned on to the fact that if circumstances hadn't aligned at exactly the right time Mikki and me'd have effectively been out on our ears or carrying four people's rent between us.

...Which brings me to the last month or so, which has undoubtedly been the most fantastic bout of housemate-related lunacy I've ever had the priviledge to live through. It's been like living with a real family instead of housemates, except I can honestly say I like the lot of them. ;)

So, this, then - may all your housemates be honest, may your family be close by but not in your pocket, and may the next year be better with bills than this one. And thank anyone listening for my Triad, 'cause I highly doubt I would have got this far without going spare without them.))
((I have officially assumed the position of shameless attention whore by going up three times and doing kareoke at the local gay bar. *grins* We turned up early, due to a cumulative comedy of errors and my mishearing everything going, but that only really meant we got to pile into the bar after getting something to eat at CB2s, so that was fine. ^_^

We then discovered that they do very, very nice cocktails - and with hindsight I'm surprised that we didn't make more jokes about that - and had a couple between us seeing as how they came in jugs. And yes, there were already pre-written jokes about that on the cocktail menu. ;)

We got Mikki to do kareoke, which was awesome, and I did House of the Rising Sun, Black Velvet and La Isla Bonita - luckily for all concerned, we left before I could settle on doing Build me up Buttercup and make Rath and Seiber headdesk. *grins* Apparently I was pretty good, though I could hear my voice cracking in the higher bits of Black Velvet. >_>

So, so doing that again. ^____________^ Though preferably without the stoned girl coming over, glomming onto Mikki and rubbing his head on her boobs.))
((Ohhh, I like this outfit. I feel like a cross between Indiana Jones and that one cowboy in every film that wears a black duster.

*swings around the curve of the stairway at work; coat billows, sheer glass walls catch the reflections in a million directions, glances out from under the hat brim and grins*

...'Course, the frilly shirt is probably far too poofy for Indy and too impractical for a cowboy, but I feel like a badass Indiana Wilde-Jones-Hiccough anyway. ;) ))


Nov. 27th, 2007 06:26 pm
((Okay, now it's official. No ifs, ands or buts, aside from maybe the headcast's - WE HAS A HOUSE! :D

And it's a HELL of a house, let me tell you. I hadn't realised how absolutely frigid the Colony was before we moved here; I was actually comfortable sitting in the living room - huge! Comfy! Soon to be having a sofa in it! - at gone midnight and wasn't that much more than 'a bit chilly.' ;)

And! And! We have a working shower, a huge bath, a bathroom that looks like something from Arabian Nights, a kitchen I can actually cook in, winding stairs with a big old wooden door separating the upstairs from the downstairs which is just awesome on principle as well as keeping the noise down and the warm in, an oven which I swear is like something out of Girl Genius...

...Oh yeah. I'm happy. ^_^ I'm far more relaxed than I've been for a good six months, though I've yet to stop jumping like a kicked cat every now and again - I feel like I've just been rescued from an animal sanctuary. *sighs*

And there are flowers everywhere! There's a rose bush curling around the shed in the back garden, and the garden has a pond for pretending we have waterlilies - I don't know if there are any or not, but unfortunately I'm an optimist ;) - and there are ivy-tiles around the oven and ivy painted on the basin in the bathroom. :D ...And did I mention the stained glass window in the bathroom? *flails!* This is so many shades of awesome!

We don't have the internet hooked up yet, but fingers crossed that getting the phone line won't take too long. I can't remember how long it took getting the Colony connected the first time around... :/ Regardless, I can get to my email once a day at work, and everyone who needs it has my number, yes? *cuddles all* Basically, me and Koi and Mikki are home and safe and thoroughly squeeful. We managed to cook dinner in a clean kitchen for the first time in months! I squee!

You lot take care of yourselves, okay? *dances happily, cuddles all and goes to collapse from lugging boxes*))
((So I drew a pic of a fic from one of my favourite writers and posted it in a comment on her journal, as did a couple of better-artist-friends of hers.

...She posted mine up with her other prettypics in her journal. And she squeed. And I'm squeaking. *is fangirling just a little* And my paid account ran out just in time for me not to have a happyflail icon to hand, but believe me I'm flailing like a good'un. *_*))



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