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((For Coyo, who writes the best FF7 AUs, snippets, tentacle crack and badassery I've found. (This kind of can be set in her Perfect-Ending-arc, of just taken as a foursome on holiday if you really want to stretch it.)


Zack tilted his head back, squinting up into the sun as a stray salt breeze stirred his hair, the soft snap of rope and sail filling his ears. The tips of his fingers absently caressed the neck of the bottle he held, calloused skin tightening on rough glass as he lifted it to his lips and drank without taking his eyes from the sky.

"An' a-rovin', a-rovin', a-rovin' I'll go," he murmured, the words humming lightly on the wind and ruffling the tips of the waves; "A-rovin', a-rovin', a-rovin' I'll go, for a pair of brown eyes..."

The eyes he was searching for were blue and green and green, not brown, but they lit up like stars when he hove into sight regardless. Cloud sat on the end of the pier, one foot swinging as he mended the nets with sure, practised hands; when Zack's sail appeared on the horizon he stared, blinked once, then turned his head to shout something inaudible to the figure behind him. Zack thought he'd never get used to the sight of Seph in an oversized straw hat, Aeris tying his his long silver hair up in a wind-tossed braid, but it had been a week out over the deepest seas off the coast and his heart leapt high as the spray as they came to the pier's end to meet him.

The great deep-fish in the hold would keep a little longer - as he leapt from the rail of his boat, the three of them tying off the ropes as quick and safe as sure hands could make them, all he could taste was the salt on their skin and the scent of the Gongaga breezes in their hair.))
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