((I am of the unshakeable opinion that there is very, very little that a hot bath cannot solve. Ohhhh that was worth the wait. *slides under the water happily*

And now that I'm thoroughly scrubbed and dripping all over the floor, time to hunt down some dinner. And preferably some good conversation as well. Someone help me prove that my mind hasn't dissolved, dammit! *pads off in search of food and Triad*))
((I've just made my first 999 call. O_O

I thought I smelt something burning when I walked home from work, but when you round the corner by a kids' play park you don't expect to see distant flames. Quite a lot of them, in fact, so off I went to investigate.

I was expecting it to be a bonfire in someone's front garden, or at worst someone had set fire to the bin in the far end of the field/playpark, but I certainly wasn't expecting a flaming moped parked calmly at the end of the field and blazing away like it was waiting for Johnny Jr to show up.

I goggled, I blinkablinked, then I called the fire brigade. I think someone had beat me to it, since they turned up not five minutes later, but still. Not what you expect to see at half ten at night around here!

Also, gunning through all the pieces of work we've been told to no-action as we're deleting the entire 35,000 piece backlog at a million miles an hour is a distinctly unnerving feeling. I find myself in need of quoting [livejournal.com profile] vampiredreams.


...And it's making my eyes hurt.))
((Om nom nom.

Thai food! It's what's for dinner! :D))

((EDIT: Okay, I maintain that the new Movie's designs are ugly as all get-out, with the exception of Jazz's bunny ears, BUT.

FEEEEET! *flails*))
((After waking up at twenty to four this morning with godawful stomach cramps and the certainty I was going to spend the night throwing up, I actually had a really good day at work. Well, aside from getting rained on during the walk in. ^_^; I more than doubled my speed in a single day, got 10/10 and 9/10 on the two sections of the job we'd just been taught this past week and a half, and managed not to throw up. ;) Aside from getting absolutely drenched walking back home, and really not minding that thanks to a leather jacket and a wide-brimmed hat, good day!

I even got a cheap laugh on the way home:

Small gaggle of little kids, only one and a half of whom were covered by the umbrella: *stares at the apparition in the purple coat and floppy hat*

Me: *...shrug* *smile nicely as they pass, since they look rather sad and soggy*

Small boy: *as we're passing each other, shouts "COWGIRL!"*

Me: *...blinkblink* *considers this* ^_^!

*two seconds later, it ABSOLUTELY BUCKETS IT DOWN*

Me: *nice and dry in my coat and hat, thinks contentedly of soaking wet screeching kids and grins* Better a cowgirl than soaking wet. ^_^

I'm going to have a nice, hot shower in a minute, I have chocolate cake and the electric bill sorted, and all is right with the world. ^^ Well, aside from the fact that it's continually pissing it down in August. >_>))



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